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Happy Golden Retriever on the beach

The Great.

Nutritional Consulting

Our SuperTreats

Active, healthy dog on the beach

Health for All Ages &


From energetic pups to wise seniors, our treats are designed to bring joy to every tail-wagging moment, throughout their lives.

Packed with superfoods and free from any artificial additives, our “Super-Treats” are a perfect blend of health and flavor that your buddy will adore.

Active dog and owner, on an adventure, hiking

Endless Vitality, So You Can Fetch Forever

Our flagship product, “The Great”, provides essential nutrients that support your furry friend's joint health and vitality.

From playful puppyhood to the golden years, our treats are your partner in ensuring an active and joyful journey for your beloved friend.

Happy, healthy dog, border collie on the beach

Beauty from Inside Out

We believe that healthy skin and a glossy coat are the best accessories a dog can wear.

Treat your beloved companion to the wonders of superfoods and watch them strut their stuff with confidence and flair.

Dog treats, multivitamin, dietary supplement, dog food supplement, dog treat packaging

We know actions speak louder than words.

That’s why 10% of profits go straight to local animal shelters, making tails wag all around the neighborhood!

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